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Published: 6 months ago

Let’s make a WiFi signal booster

For this Project ,You need only a few parts for this project and they all are pretty cheap except for the USB WIFI adaptor although if you try your luck you might get your hands on cheap one
So here’s what you’ll need

1)Metal Strainer/Steamer
2)USB WIFI Adaptor
3)USB Extension Cable
4) 0.5 inch Drill Bit
5) Gorilla Glue
6) 2x  Zip Ties

Remove the Center Post (if you had) and drill a 0.5 inch hole  to fit the usb extention.

Insert the end of the USB extention (the part that doesnt connect to your computer) into the hole you just drilled.
Then just apply the glue let it sit for 24 hours. This Creates a strong bond between the plastic and metal. I used some tape to help hold the connecter in place while the glue cured. Be sure to apply glue to both sides of the connecter. Once thats dry the next day, zip tie 2 of the metal “ears” so they wont fold in on themselves when you use it.


Just plug the USB WIFI adaptor into the socket on the dish and plug the other end into your computer. Enjoy boosted signal strength and improved distance.Use airodump-ng to check it’s strength :D This works even better than I thought it would. Be sure to leave your comments on how well it worked.

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